CENTUM is a menswear brand that focuses on small batch clothing that incorporates unique construction techniques with a focus on versatility. Drawn from heritage, workwear and simple silhouettes but infused with a laid back sensibility that references the beauty of art, music, and nature.

A fusion of outdoor wear, rock music heritage, Japanese Americana, and California lifestyle that also draws on the rich textile traditions of India. CENTUM is about clothes that are relaxed and wearable without being mundane, ubiquitous or boring.

CENTUM draws from the Latin word for one hundred, so any piece featuring unique design elements will be strictly limited to 100 or less pieces ever produced, with each piece hand numbered and described. Every piece is fully originally designed at every step by one man and produced in extremely small batches. No drop shipping ever for any reason. In order to ensure ethical standards at all times, CENTUM clothing remains close to the design and manufacturing process.

As a consumer, you can be sure that you will have a piece that is not only beautiful, but will almost certainly not be something you will ever run into anyone else wearing. Our design ethos ensures that no clothing will ever go to waste. By staying small, our brand guarantees that no unused clothing will end up clogging up landfills. All things in balance. In this case, the desire for art and beauty balanced with a healthy aspiration to produce and consume less.